In the contemporary economic environment, ruled by globalization, unregulated corporate power, and unchecked, ill-planned and enormous urbanization, the SLD believes that strengthening of working people’s rights involves attending to different dimensions such as the local as well as the global, the economic as well as the social; engaging with governments as well as corporates, mobilising as well as research and policy change.

India faces unprecedented inter-state migration as well as out-migration of Indian workers to other countries in search of employment. The SLD believes that migration is a part of today’s reality and we must work to make migration safe and humane and not fraught with grave danger and loss of identity. It requires us to work locally, across states within India, and internationally with destination countries.

The SLD has a unique cultural program to ensure that ‘invisible’ workers, those impoverished by unchecked globalisation and industrialisation, migrant or not, can assert their identities and represent themselves in the historical and cultural lives of the regions in which they live and work.

The SLD believes that our collective strength is enhanced by strategic coalition building as well as open forums for discussion that reminds us of larger visions and frameworks. Towards this end, SLD initiates shared learning and also participates in coalitions to build greater power for social change.

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