Mazdoor Ekta Manch
Mazdoor Ekta Manch (MEM) is a platform of workers’ organisations, women’s organisations, youth collectives, and cultural organisations. SLD collaborates with MEM to reach out to migrant workers, women workers, youth and children. Workers include those who work in both formal and informal sectors such as garment, domestic work, automobile manufacturing, healthcare, and construction. SLD and MEM conduct trainings and workshops, organise public events and awareness-raising activities, develop educational materials, and undertake research and advocacy.

Kanooni Salah Kendra
Kanooni Salah Kendra (KSK) is engaged in providing legal counselling to migrants, workers, women and girls on issues related to labour rights, violence and sexual assault, sexual harassment, and civic rights. KSK supports those in distress to access justice.


Supporting Workers in their Struggle for Labour Rights.